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Priorities for Academic Year 2006/2017



Great Wakering Primary School

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September 2016


We judge ourselves as a good school with some outstanding features because;


  • Pupils achieving a Good Level of Development at the end of EYFS 2016 is above national at 75%
  • 100% of disadvantaged children in EYFS reach the expected standard in Maths
  • 82% of Year 1 children pass the phonics check and by the end of Year 2, 97% of children have passed the test, including 100% of PPG children.
  • Despite an increase in expectations at end of KS1 results are still above Essex average in writing, maths and combined attainment RWM.
  • KS2 combined attainment is significantly above national at 67% and in the 23rd percentile nationally
  • KS2 progress is significantly above the national average and in the 18th percentile nationally
  • Gaps from different starting points between disadvantaged pupils and All have diminished at end of KS1 and KS2
  • KS2 Reading and Maths progress are in the top 25% and writing progress in the top 40% of schools nationally
  • Attendance is well above average at 3.8% and PA is low at 1.4% below 15% absence
  • Pupil behaviour is outstanding in lessons and around the school and pupils represent us well outside of school.
  • Work scrutiny, lesson observations and discussions with pupils shows that much teaching over time is outstanding and this is evidenced by the outstanding progress that many children are making.
  • Leaders, including Governors have a rigorous focus on outcomes for pupils.
  • We have been approved as an Academy sponsor and will be sponsoring a school in Special Measures from January 17

Recent Improvements and Impact


See Action Plans for further details


Restructure of leadership team in January 2016, new DHT recruited and given the role of Pupil Premium Champion

Across the whole of KS1 and KS2 gaps in attainment have reduced in all 3 subjects including combined attainment. PP attainment is now in line with ‘other’ pupils. There are now no significant gaps: the highest is -5% in writing.

Across the whole school EYFS to Y6 disadvantaged pupils are making expected and more than expected in line with their peers. There are no significant gaps.

2 disadvantaged children with high prior attainment continued to make good progress at the end of KS2.

Reading has been developed through the introduction of book banding and revision of the teaching of reading throughout KS2.


Teachers are more confident in the delivery of Reading

Almost all children are making expected progress in Reading in every year group across the school (between 85 and 100% of children making expected progress)

Reading attainment at the end of Year 6 is 6% above national

Reading progress at the end of KS2 is in the top 25% of schools nationally.

Following the implementation of the new National Curriculum significant work has been undertaken to address mastery in maths across the school.

Maths attainment at the end of Year 6 is 11% above national

Maths progress at the end of KS2 is in the top 25% of schools nationally.

Maths progress is good in every year (between 90 and 100% of children making expected progress)


Key Issues from last Ofsted Inspections Sept 14 Actions and Impact

  1. Increase the proportion of pupils exceeding expected progress in writing by improving pupils’ spellings, punctuations and use of grammar in KS2.



  • Analysis of past test papers to highlight gaps and misconceptions
  • Reviewed teaching of spelling and grammar and its effectiveness
  • Pupil perception surveys completed
  • 2 year membership of TfW project led by Pie Corbett and John Stannard
  • Regular monitoring of quality of EPGS teaching across the school by school leaders
  • Regular CPD for teachers and LSAs delivered and revisited
  • Spelling Scheme of Work developed by staff in school and implemented
  • Spelling and grammar added to school timetables as stand-alone sessions


End of KS2 2016

% achieving expected standardin GPS = 79% above national by 7%

% achieving a high standard in GPS in line with national at 22%

% achieving expected standardin writing = 86% above national by 12%

% achieving a high standard in writing in line with national at 17%

Writing progress 1.7 = top 40% of schools nationally

Across the school pupils are making good progress in writing evidenced through internal data and pupil books.

% of disadvantaged pupils achieving expected standard is 71% in line with national outcome for all children.

  1. Further improve teaching and learning by ensuring that all teachers:

- provide clear explanations so that pupils know exactly what they should do when they work on their own

- check the learning of all groups of pupils carefully in lessons



  • Programme of staff CPD with teachers and support staff
  • Targeted area for SLT and Governor monitoring and feedback to staff
  • Pupil perception survey undertaken
  • SEC support and feedback to staff

Teacher explanations are clearer and lessons more focused.

Mini plenaries and marking “on the go” are impacting positively on pupil progress and attainment

Areas for development see School Development Plan for detail of actions

  • Further increase the amount of outstanding teaching to accelerate rates of pupil progress resulting in 100% of children attaining national expectations in every year group and increased numbers attaining a high standard.
  • Increase focus on core basic skills, accuracy and editing across the school
  • Further improve children’s independent behaviour when away from adults


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