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Great Wakering Primary Academy

Home/School Partnership Agreement


The school will:

  • Provide a safe, welcoming, friendly and caring environment in which learning can take place
  • Recognise and manage the needs of individual children
  • Offer equal opportunities in all aspects of school life and encourage pupils to appreciate diversity
  • Provide a range of exciting learning opportunities through a broad curriculum which engages pupils
  • Encourage high standards of behaviour and develop pupils’ independence
  • Value positive relationships between the school and parents/carers whilst providing regular information about pupils’ behaviour, academic progress and attainment
  • Listen to and respond to concerns that parents/carers may have in a timely manner
  • Give children regular opportunities to give their views about our school and listen and respond to any worries they may have
  • Celebrate children’s achievements

The family will:

  • Respect and support all staff within the school
  • Bring any worries or concerns to the relevant staff in school and not make derogatory comments about the school, its staff and children on social media (please also refer to our social media policy)
  • Ensure that their child follows our school uniform code, including removing earrings for PE lessons
  • Make sure that their child attends school every day 
  • Book family holidays during the 14 weeks of school holiday time each year and not request absence in term time
  • Ensure that the child arrives at school on time with everything that they need for their day

The child will:

  • Promise to follow our Golden Rules:
  • Be gentle, kind and helpful; don’t hurt people or their feelings.
  • Work hard and try your best
  • Look after property, don’t waste or damage things
  • Remember your manners and respect each other
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help and remember that making mistakes helps you to learn

Together we can:

  • Help our young people to become happy, capable and confident, able to take responsibility for their own conduct and to respect and care for others
  • Provide mutual support for our young people as they face the challenges of growing up in today’s society.
  • Develop the “British Values” of; democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

Signed Headteacher:___________________________________________

We have read and discussed the Home/School Partnership Agreement.

Signed Parent/Guardian:……………………...............................……………………..

Signed Child:…………………………...…… Child’s Name:…………….......……………

Use of Social Media Code of Conduct

Most people take part in online activities and social media. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and similar are now widely used and these sites can be fun, informative and keep us connected.

Unfortunately, such sites can be used inappropriately by some as a means of expressing negative or offensive views about school and its staff, parents or pupils. This document sets out our school’s approach to parental use of such sites and sets out the procedures that will be followed when it is considered that parents have used such facilities inappropriately. Where there is reference to “parent” in this document this also includes carers and other close relatives of a child in school.

Appropriate use of social media sites

The school recognises that many parents will have personal social media accounts which they might use to discuss/share views about school issues with friends and family.  Our school has a Facebook page which allows parents to receive and respond to messages about school events and we encourage you to positively participate if you wish. However this is not the way to raise concerns or complaints, please contact the school directly to discuss any concerns you may have.

The School considers the following examples to be inappropriate uses of social media sites. (This list is non‐exhaustive and intended to provide examples only): 

  • Identifying or posting images/videos of children or posting any comments about children who attend Great Wakering Primary School
  • Making complaints about the school or staff at the school
  • Making allegations about staff or anyone else connected with the school
  • Abusive or personal comments about staff, trustees, children or other parents
  • Bringing the school into disrepute
  • Posting defamatory or libellous comments
  • Messages circulated or sent directly with abusive or personal comments about staff or children
  • Using social media to publicly challenge school policies or discuss issues about individual children or members of staff even if they are not identified by name
  • Threatening behaviour, such as verbally intimidating staff, or using bad language
  • Breaching school security procedures

Procedure the school will follow if inappropriate use continues

The school will always try to deal with concerns raised by parents in a professional manner and understands that parents may not always realise when they have used social media sites inappropriately. Therefore, as a first step the school will usually discuss the matter with the parent to try to resolve it and to ask that the relevant information be removed from the social media site in question. If the parent refuses to do this and continues to use social media sites in a manner the school considers inappropriate, the school will consider taking the following action:

  • Take legal advice and/or legal action where the circumstances warrant this;
  • Set out the school’s concerns to the parent in writing, requesting that the material in question is removed;
  • Contact the police where the school feels it appropriate – for example, if it considers a crime (such as harassment) has been committed or in cases where the posting is considered to be grossly obscene, offensive or is threatening violence; the comments are racist, sexist or of a sexual nature
  • If the inappropriate comments have been made on the school website or online forum, the school may take action to block or restrict that individual’s access to that website or forum; 
  • Contact the host/provider of the social networking site to complain about the content of the site and ask for removal of the information;

‘Think before you post’ We ask that social media, whether public or private, should not be used to fuel campaigns and voice complaints against the school, school staff, parents or children. We take inappropriate use of social media by a parent to publicly humiliate or criticise another parent, member of staff or child very seriously. If parents have any concerns about their child in relation to the school they should not use social media as a medium to air any concerns or grievances but should contact the school directly.

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