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Great Wakering Village and WWI - Commemorative Project 2014

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Listen to a couple of interviews the children did whilst at the Foulness Heritage Centre.

A History in Pictures

The WWI Commemorative Project, that the children of Years 4 & 5 took part in, investigated and recorded how the village had changed since the first world war.  The children produced podcasts, blogs and art work with some of the villages more memorable history being immortalised in a grand mosaic.


Great Wakering village remembered in pictures.  Some of the pictures showing in our slide show are of the village high street, showing the old Post Office and one showing the church, the Anchor public house, Twyford Avenue and the Castle public house in Little Wakering.  Look at the modes of transport and clothes of the era and guess when they were taken.


On 16th July 2014, 12 children from Years 3 & 4 went with Mrs Wilson to the Heritage Centre on Foulness Island to talk to some of the older residence who could tell them some of the islands history.  Listen to some of them directly via our blog.

On Friday 19th September, children and staff dressed up for the day to commemorate WWI.


Listen to a favourite WWI tune - 'If You Were The Only Girl In the World..'.

The Mosaic

Monday 15th September saw the children start to help in the construction of the commemorative mosaic.  The process is amazing and with the help and encouragement of the designers, the children could see how they have progressed even in just one day!

On Wednesday 15th October, we had a number of people come in and have interviews with our children about their childhood experiences during the war or family stories handed down. 

Mr. Laurie Street demonstrated a stirrup pump used in WWII after he had been interviewed by the Mosaic Team as they gathered stories and memories from local residence.

Have a listen to some of their tales.


BBC Website

The BBC have a lot of information about WWI, especially directed at children, on their website.  They have a large number of short animated films about what life was like for children at that time.  Click this link to see some of the films.

Official 'Opening' of the Mosaic

Monday 20th October 2014 saw a whole host of dignitaries and local people come for the official opening of our WWI Commemorative Community Mosaic.

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