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District Cross Country Competition, at Deanes School, Hadleigh, 7th March, 2017

0ur school entered this event for the first time along with other 27 other schools.  Teams were made up of 6 girls in Yrs 4/5/6, the same for the boys.  This meant that, on   average, each race had approximately 160 runners!

Teams were:

Year 4 Girls - Layla Stanton, Lucia Adams, Sami-May  Burgess, Ruby Higgs: came 15th out of 27.

Year 4 Boys - Finn Bartley, James Knight, Ashton        Emmons, Oliver Walpole, Alex Jaworski: came 14th / 27.

Year 5 Girls - Mollie Hale, Mollie Turner, Brooke Taylor, Ellie Eale, Pearl Lawrence, Erin Dabbs: came 12th / 27.

Year 5 Boys - Taylor Edmonds, Nathan Croft, Byron Irwin, Taylor Hicks, Joe Poxon, Sam Gillett: came 11th / 27.

Year 6 Girls - Francesca Bates, Frankie Walton, Tallulah Lawrence, Sarah O’Connor, Lily Stockwell, Millie Bottley: came 6th / 27.

Year 6 Boys - Albie Kilbey, Max Jones, Riley Buffin, Kaiden More, Dan Gillett, Ollie Chrystal: came 17th / 27.


Congratulations to Sam Gillett who finished a fantastic 6th out of 160 in his race, well done.

We gave medals for personal performances in each     category and these went to:

Year 4 - Sami-May Burgess & James Knight

Year 5 - Brooke Taylor & Nathan Croft

Year 6 - Frankie Walton & Daniel Gillett

Most Improved Year 3 Medals went to Eva de Rosario and Henry Threadgold.

Well done to everyone who took part and helped out this year with Cross Country