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Cross Country Competition at Alleyns Court 16th October 2018

We took a small squad of KS2 children to represent us in this event, along with 5 other schools. Our Year 3 children had only been training for a few weeks… Year 3 & 4 were running 1000 metres and Year 5 & 6 were running 1600 metres.

Year 3 children = Mylee Snell, Josie Male, Jessica Telford, Ben Clarke, Matthew Guest and Oakley Bailey.

Year 4 children = Phoebe Tolley, Lexie Croft, Eva Chapman, Frankie Leach, Nathan Lategan and Thomas Farmer.

Year 5 children = Jessica Walker, Alfie Leach, Lewis Buffin, Tommy and Finley Mahoney.

Year 6 children = Tulip Jones, Ruby Higgs, Ashton Emmons, Oliver Walpole, Alex Jaworski and Taylor Pearce.

Everyone ran really well against some really tough opposition on a very challenging course!

So many of the children came in the top three and we had 2 outstanding gold medal performances from Jessica Walker and Finley Mahoney.

Thanks go to all our helpers and supporters.

Well done everyone! 

Mrs Steel

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