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Cross Country Competition at Alleyns Court 16th October 2018

We took a small squad of KS2 children to represent us in this event, along with 5 other schools. Our Year 3 children had only been training for a few weeks… Year 3 & 4 were running 1000 metres and Year 5 & 6 were running 1600 metres.

Year 3 children = Mylee Snell, Josie Male, Jessica Telford, Ben Clarke, Matthew Guest and Oakley Bailey.

Year 4 children = Phoebe Tolley, Lexie Croft, Eva Chapman, Frankie Leach, Nathan Lategan and Thomas Farmer.

Year 5 children = Jessica Walker, Alfie Leach, Lewis Buffin, Tommy and Finley Mahoney.

Year 6 children = Tulip Jones, Ruby Higgs, Ashton Emmons, Oliver Walpole, Alex Jaworski and Taylor Pearce.

Everyone ran really well against some really tough opposition on a very challenging course!

So many of the children came in the top three and we had 2 outstanding gold medal performances from Jessica Walker and Finley Mahoney.

Thanks go to all our helpers and supporters.

Well done everyone! 

Mrs Steel

Great Wakering Cross Country Competition January 8th 2019

Cross Country Competition Tuesday 8th January - Report

Over 50 children took part in our Cross Country Competition last Tuesday from our school, Barling Magna and Bournemouth Park.

There were 8 races, with all schools taking part:

Year 3 - Girls and Boys - 900m (1 1/2 laps)

Year 4 - Girls and Boys - 900m (1 1/2 laps)

Year 5 - Girls and Boys - 1500m (2 1/2 laps)

Year 6 - Girls and Boys - 1500m (2 1/2 laps)

The following children, who won medals for us, were:

Josie Male - Silver Year 3 Girls

Jessica Telford - Gold

Phoebe Tolley - Silver Year 4 Girls

Eva Chapman - Gold

Ollie Jay North - Bronze Year 4 Boys

Mary O'Connor - Silver Year 5 Girls

Jessica Walker - Gold

Thomas Telford - Bronze Year 5 Boys

Finley Mahoney - Gold

Alex Jaworski - Bronze Year 6 Boys

Taylor Pearce - Gold

We gave a Special Award to 1 child in each race for either: their best race so far/real determination or just Runner of the Race.

Year 3 Girl = Lola Fyvie - her fastest run

Year 3 Boy = Aiden Forde - his best performance

Year 4 Girl = Lucy Guilcher - outstanding improvement

Year 4 Boy = Frankie Leach - determined effort and excellent run

Year 5 Girl = Isobel Anderson - determined effort and excellent run

Year 5 Boy = Henry Threadgold - Personal best

Year 6 Girl = Ava Baisden - Personal best

Year 6 Boy = Finn Bartley - determined effort and great run

Many thanks to everyone who stayed and supported us and to those parent/carers and staff who helped out, we couldn't have done it without you!

Mrs Steel

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