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NGA Welcome to a Multi Academy Trust

All Trustees at Brickfields have a copy of the National Governance Association publication - Welcome to a Multi Academy Trust. Within the document there is a useful role description that outlines our legal duties and specfic duties as trustees. As we are still within our first year operating as a Multi Academy Trust we have adopted the description and person specification as they stand although it is anticpated that these will be personalised over time to fully reflect the role of Trustee at Brickfields Trust.

Role Description - Trustee in a Multi Academy Trust

The document is divided into nine chapters each of which ends with a list of essential reading. For ease of reference the documents and or accessible links are listed by chapter below.

Chapter 2 - Governance in a multi academy trust - what makes it different? (Essential Reading)

  • DfE Governance Handbook sections 2 and 4 (Our Trustees, Publications page)
  • NGA Blogs '.When it comes to local governance ...' Feb 16; 'Governance is tricky...' April 16 (See below)
  • Staying in control of your school's destiny (See below)
  • The right people around the table (See below)

Chapter 3 - The business of the board (Essential Reading)

  • Academies Financial Handbook 2018 (Our Trustees, Publications page)
  • Charity Commision - Conflicts of interest: a guide for charity trustees CC29 (See below)
  • Charity Commision - It's your decision: charity trustees and decision-making CC27 (See below)
  • DfE Governance Handbook (Our Trustees, Publications page)

Chapter 4 - How schools work - an introduction to state schools in England (Essential Reading)

Chapter 5 - Knowing your schools - oversight and scrutiny (Essential Reading)

  • 21 questions every Multi Academy Trust Board should ask itself (see below)
  • Governance E-Learning - NGA Learning Link (See below)

Chapter 6 - Staffing in Multi Academy Trusts (Essential Reading)

Chapter 7 - Fiduciary function - budgets and finance (Essential Reading)

  • Academies Financial Handbook 2018 (Our Trustees, Publications page)
  • Charity Governance, Finance and Resiliance: 15 questions trustees should ask - Charity Commission (See below)
  • DfE Financial Efficiencies (See below)
  • Managing financial difficulties CC12

Chapter 8 - External agencies (Essential Reading)

  • Academies Financial Handbook 2018 (Our Trustees, Publications page)
  • Funding Agreement (Dropbox)
  • Ofsted Inspection Handbook (see below)
  • Regional Schools Commissioners Decision Making Framework (See below)
  • Schools Causing Concern guidance (See below)
  • Secretary of State's letter to Ofsted about the inspection of MATs (See below)

Chapter 9 - Growing the trust (Essential Reading)

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