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Board of Trustees Improvement Priorities 2017/18

Self Review

As a Board of Trustees we are highly committed to self review in order to improve our own effectiveness.

We take full account of the ‘Twenty-one Questions for Multi Academy Trusts, the Ofsted inspection handbook and subsidiary guidance and best practice reports.

At the end of each academic year we undertake a Governor Actions and Impact survey in order to ascertain the effectiveness of our actions which together with the results from all our self reviews is used to identify improvement priorities for the coming year.

From our self evaluation we identify the improvement priorities that will appear in our plan for 2017/18. The plan will be discussed and finalised at our AGM on 28th September 2017.

In addition to our monitoring roles and responsibilities, we review and publish annually a set of Minimum Expectations. .

National Governance Association

Recent publications and information - autumn term 2017.

Wellcome Trust: Questions for Governors to Ask about Maths and Science

Governor Monitoring

Governors carry out many monitoring activities in order to ensure actions undertaken by the school impact in a positive way on pupils' outcomes. Each year, at least one of the monitoring activities focuses on discussions with the children. In March 2015, governors met with three children from every class in the school and asked them about their perceptions of the way the school was helping them to improve their spelling.

Our monitoring focus this year is linked to School Development Priority 2. During the summer term 2016 we will be asking children about their increased opportunities for choice and how it impacts on their learning.

Changes to Ofsted Inspections from September 2016

The latest Ofsted Inspection Handbook from September 2015 has many changes and our most recent Governors' Handbook p 20 - 24, includes the descriptors for Outstanding - our next challenge.