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PE and Sport Premium: an investigation in primary schools (DfE Sept 14)

Effectively Managing Headteacher Performance

Good governing is at the heart of effective headteacher performance management. From the research detailed in this report, there is a strong case for arguing that the way headteacher performance management is carried out is a leitmotif for governing body effectiveness. Effective headteacher performance management indicates effective governing; the two are complementary. Structural changes in England’s system of schooling have strengthened the need for governing bodies to put into place effective approaches to headteacher performance management for both external accountability purposes and as an important tool in improving internal accountability within schools. At the same time, these structural changes have added to stress and uncertainty, contributing to the burden of oversight for both governing bodies and headteachers.

Governors should note particularly 10 features of effective headteacher performance management p 11 - 13.

Pupil Premium and The Invisible Group - June 2014

This research undertaken by Dr Mike Treadaway on behalf of Fischer Family Trust examines difference within the FSM6 group in England and also considers pupils who have been FSM at some point in the past but not in the last six years.

The findings on p3 and recommendations on p4 make interesting reading and raise questions that governors might wish to examine with senior leaders during our next Data Workshop.

Governor Impact Survey

In 2012 the Governor One Stop Shop explored the following question “Is there a demonstrable causal link between the actions of/effectiveness of the governing body and pupil performance?” The document below explains their findings

Annual Health and Wellbeing of Pupils 2014 Survey

Headline report on key findings and trends


The wellbeing survey is commissioned by the Community Involvement and Engagement Team within Essex County Council and delivered by the Schools Health Education Unit (SHEU) in order to collect robust information about children and young people’s lifestyles. The survey is now in its eighth year and the findings are used to inform Essex's annual needs assessment for children’s services and the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment by identifying baseline data and informing targets, service evaluation and improvement. It also acts as a resource to help schools establish appropriate curriculum development, particularly in PSHE, and provide data to support aspects of the Ofsted self evaluation form.

Sutton Trust - What Makes Great Teaching? Published October 2014


This paper was written to set the scene for a summit held over two days in early November 2014 in Washington DC. The summit brought together 80 school leaders and teachers from a range of countries, including Australia, Canada, Finland, Holland, Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK and the US, to consider the latest research evidence on professional learning and share their practical tools and strategies for using observation and feedback, with the aim of creating a practical guide to support the effective professional learning of teachers.

The summit and programme of work set out to address some apparently simple questions:

  • What is good pedagogy?
  • What kinds of frameworks or tools could help us to capture it?
  • How could this promote better learning?

New Research into Sport and Fitness at School Published April 2015