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Guidance for Governors

This section contains advice and guidance that is non-statutory.

Advice on school attendance DfE October 2014

This is advice from the Department for Education. This advice is non-statutory, and has been produced to help schools and local authorities maintain high levels of school attendance and plan the school day and year. The document also provides information about the interventions available to address pupils’ poor attendance and behaviour at school.

It would be helpful to read this alongside the statutory guidance on parental measures for school attendance and behaviour.

The NAHT has also producced uidance on authorised absence in schools that seeks to give examples of what counts as exceptional circumstances

What Governing Boards Should Expect from School Leaders - April 2015

This joint paper published by ASCL, LGA, NAHT and NGA aims to improve the effectiveness of school governance through clarifying the expectations for governing boards and school leaders in developing effective working practices that are mutually supportive and respectful. This is the third time the document has been updated