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Year 5 - Cedar Class and Rowan Class

During the Spring Term, Year 5 will be learning all about the Vikings and Anglo Saxons: 

As Scientists we will learn about the different properties modern day houses are built from and the materials used in Anglo-Saxon and Viking times – what are the differences?

As Historians we will build a time-line to show different events from the Anglo-Saxon invasion to their final defeat in 1066.  We will learn about their language when discovering Rune stones.  We will also learn about the different Norse Gods and what they represent/why they represent.

As Writers we will write a myth and legend story using Beowulf to inspire us. We will also write flashback stories and Diary Entries to a historic time using the opening credits of ‘The Vikings’ (TV Show) as a hook.

As Geographers we will find and label the countries where Anglo-Saxons and Viking’s originated from – and the reasons for their move to a new land (England).  We will learn the route they followed and why they chose it.

As Chefs we will peel and cook vegetables to make a Viking soup.

As Designers we will research, design and evaluate Anglo-Saxon brooches. 

As Artists we will study the work of Nikolai Astrup and recreate a landscape canvas acrylic painting in the style of this artist.

As Mathematicians we will calculate the distance from Scandinavia to England.  Where could we reach if we travelled that far from Great Wakering in other directions? 

Beyond the classroom we will:Have a Viking visitor, dress up as Vikings, recreate a Viking battle and have a Viking focus day.

English skills- Spring Term 1

Writing: Myths and Legend stories- structure, features, introduction, character and setting description.

Spelling: Suffixes -ible, -able, synonyms and antonyms, Zero Tolerance Spellings

Grammar: Main clauses, relative clauses and subordinate clauses, colon and semi-colon, dash and hyphen

Reading: inference and fluency, reading for pleasure

Maths skills- Spring Term 1

Fractions- adding, subtrcatig, multiplying and dividing

Word problems- all operations

Additional Activities:

Cedar Class- King Edmunds Science - Friday 24th January 1pm-3pm

Rowan Class- King Edmunds Scinece- Friday 31st January 1pm-3pm

Tuesday 11th February- Year 5 Tag Rugby competition- selected pupils will be advised.

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