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Year 4 - Lime Class and Pine Class

As Writers we will write suspense stories linked to the Amazon Rain Forest and the rites of passage within different cultures. We will write an explanation text linked to the rainforest/water cycle and the impact of deforestation.

As Geographers we use maps and atlases to locate North and South America concentrating on their environmental regions, key physical and human characteristics, countries, and major cities. We will understand geographical similarities and differences and compare human and physical geography between Brazil and the UK, including: climate zones, biomes, rivers and mountains, the water cycle, land use and the distribution of natural resources.

As Artists we will study the works of Henry Rousseau.

As Computer Users we will use Publisher to create a leaflet about the Amazon River.

As Dancers we will learn samba dance moves and line dancing and compare.

As Designers we will investigate and compare different types of chocolate then make truffles by combining ingredients

As Scientists we will investigate different states of matter and make careful observations of how these may change.

We will investigate different circuits and how to adapt the circuit to impact on the brightness of the bulb.

As mathematicians we will calculate the cost for making truffles, focussing on and comparing prices for different ingredients.


In English we will be learning how to write explanation texts.

In spelling we will be applying prefixes to root words and understanding how they change the meaning.

In grammar we will be learning how to use subordinate clauses and causal conjunctions.

In maths we will be learning:

-equivalent fractions

-How to calculate fractions of amounts

-Fractions within word problems

-Converting decimals and fractions and recognising their links

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