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Year 3 - Elm Class and Oak Class

During the Spring Term, the theme in Year Three is the USA:

As Historians, we will learn about history of North America 

As Geographers, we will locate the worlds countries using maps, understand geographical similarities and differences of human and physical geography in the UK and USA and study human impact on landscape.  In fieldwork, we will compare now/then maps.

As Writers, we will write adventure stories, non chron reports, free verse poems and write travel guides.

As Chefs, we will research and cook dishes from America 

 As artists, we will study Georgia O'Keefe; landscape and collage.

As scientists we will identify body shapes, skeletons and muscles.  We will identify that humans need the right types and amount of nutrition and compare different animals and their diets.

We will study life cycles of plants, role of flowers played in the life cycle of flowering plants, including pollination, seed formation and seed dispersal. We will study functions and requirements of plants for life and growth.

To understand how water is transported within plants.

As mathematicians we will investigate area and perimeter and money.  We will learn how to buy goods and give change using the column method for addition and subtraction.  We wil be learning the 3,4,6 and 8 times table.

Beyond the classroom we will be studying the human and physical features during field study of our local village.

In English we will write adventure stories, non chron reportsfree verse poems and write travel guides.

In spelling we are learning to apply the 'ly' suffix to root words

In grammar we are learning to use a range of conjunctions and adverbs.

Other information for the Spring Term:

USA focus Day- 30th January

Cooking Day- 25th March

Oak showcase- rescheduled for the 12th June

Please make sure children have a suitable outdoor PE kit for the colder months, including a tracksuit and trainers.

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