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Foundation Stage - Robin Class and Wren Class

Reception children work from the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.   This covers 3 prime areas of learning: Communication and Language, Physical Development and Personal Social and Emotional Development and 4 core areas of learning: Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding of the World and Expressive Arts and Design.  Many of the activities are play based and the children are able to choose many of their activities, they are able to move freely between the inside classroom and outside area.

                      SPRING TERM                                                          This term our theme is Let’s Explore.

                   The themes we will be covering for the Spring term are Toys, The Gingerbread Man, Ice and Snow, We’re going on a Bear Hunt, Dinosaurs, Chinese New                              Year, The Little Red Hen, Easter, Eggs and Spring.

                   In Communication and Language:

                   We will retell familiar stories, develop our role playing skills, act out a story, play games and participate in activities where we have to take turns.

                   We will share our experiences with small groups and sometimes in front of the whole class.

                   In Expressive Art and Design:

                   We will have the opportunity to respond to all the themes creatively with a wide range of resources, books and technology.

                   In Understanding of the World:

                   We will discover how different toys work and look at what they are made of.

                   We will look at different types of weather and investigate snow and ice.

                   We will find out how Chinese New Year is celebrated.

                   We will make bread rolls and gingerbread people, looking at the changes that happen to the ingredients when they are cooked.

                   We will discover the world of dinosaurs when we become explorers!

                   We will look at the changes that happen when the Spring comes.

                   We will learn about the traditions of Easter.

                   In Literacy:

                   We will move on to the next phase of ‘Letters and Sounds’ which teaches the children a list of sounds that are written with 2 letters (these are known as                           digraphs). Such sounds include ‘ng’ as in ‘bang,’ ‘ee’ as in ‘feet,’ and ‘oa’ as in ‘goat.’ The children will be encouraged to say the 2 letters as one complete                             sound and not say them individually e.g. ‘f   i   sh’ and not ‘f   i   s   h.’

                   We will be learning to read and write the Phase Three Tricky Words: he, she, we, me, be, my, are, was, all, her, they, you along with the zero tolerance words                     and a wide range of decodable words.

                   We will be writing in a range of styles including lists, captions, speech bubbles, sentences and labels. We will be learning how to use capital letters and full                     stops.

                   We will be continuing with our daily guided reading where we are building our confidence to blend words independently, talk about the book, name parts                     of a book and follow the text by ourselves.

                   In Numeracy:

                   We will be learning about different measures including length, capacity and weight.

                   We will be becoming more confident to use our numbers for problem-solving activities.

                   We will use money and work out how to buy things by counting out the correct coins.

                   Special dates:

                   28th February 2020- Explorer Dress Up Day (Children to dress up in Explorer costumes)

                   3rd April 2020- Easter Bonnet parade. (parents are invited to see the Country Dancing and Easter bonnet parade)

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